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Energy covering for the railroad network

Wednesday, 25 june 2008

The company of electronic of power Salicru has developed tailor-made equipments for the protection of the control systems and signalling of the high speed train, AVE. Salicru has supplied more than 300 equipments to assure the ideal development of the high-speed train, for the railroad stretches Madrid-Lleida-Barcelona, La Sacra -Toledo, Córdoba-Málaga and Segovia-Valladolid. 

Salicru has been in the design and development of equipments so far, and it will keep on doing it in the different investments programmed for the railroad network in next years.

By now, Salicru has supplied single phase input and output UPS, single phase input and three phase output UPS; voltage stabilisers and 48V DC systems. These teams have settled for: to guarantee the feeding to the transformers and the different signalling devices, to the motors of the needle changes in the locking and for the mobile, technical and tunnel huts. 

Everything will guarantee that the electrical mains, which supplies the railroad installations has the properly levels to develop its activity.

Actualidad destacada 
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