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Equinox solar inverters increase their power range to adapt to customer needs

Wednesday, 9 march 2011

Encouraging the development of new technologies that contribute to more responsible energy consumption is undoubtedly one of main axes of Salicru'sbusiness strategy. In its awareness of global technological evolution and the greater need to achieve favourable levels of sustainability, the company from Palautordera (Barcelona) invests in the field of renewable energies, researching and working on systems to achieve an energy development that shows full respect for the environment.

In order to offer innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs of customers and a versatile technology that adjusts to the different types of photovoltaic installations, Salicru has expanded the power range of its Equinoxsolar inverters. Up to now they had been available in powers of 2,800, 4,600 and 10,000 W; the new series does away with the 4,600 W model and brings in two new power options: 4,000 and 5,000 W. 

Designed for domestic and commercial installations, the Equinox solar inverters convert the dc power of the solar modules into the alternating current required for connection to the low voltage grid. Characterised by their light weight, small size and high reliability, these units offer maximum flexibility with inverters for single phase and three-phase connection. They are also suitable for connection in installations with multistring topology, specifically the Equinox 5000-3M and Equinox 10.000, and therefore enable maximum adaptability in designing and planning photovoltaic fields.

These units do not have transformers thanks to the use of the latest cutting edge microprocessor-controlled high frequency switching technology. With the most sophisticated components and controls in the field of power electronics, power factors are achieved of >0.99 and current harmonic distortions (THDi) of <3%, injecting top quality maximum power into the grid, which improves overall reliability and enables outputs of over 97%.

On the market for little over a year, the Equinox range represents a still nascent market for Salicru but one with considerable business potential. Thanks to its new technology backed by Salicru's long experience on the power electronics market, the units offer high output in low and high power indoor or outdoor photovoltaic installations. The range also offers a broad selection of communication capacities: all units have and LCD and/or graphic screen for easy display of the data from the installation and the local or remote communication devices.

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