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Salicru develops projects for public transport in the Dominican Republic, Morocco and Bulgaria

Jeudi, 5 de juillet de 2012

Salicru’s present international consolidation, which started in 1978, has today made it one of the world benchmarks in designing solutions for the electrical supply. Flexibility and versatility are two characteristics that define the Salicru stamp and which allow it to offer its customers tailored solutions to meet each market’s technical requirements (voltage, frequencies, etc) and legal requirements, including technical support at destination. One example of this philosophy are the projects recently developed for the underground system in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and the railway services in Morocco and Bulgaria.

In the first of these, through the Spanish subsidiary of the multinational leader in technological services, Siemens, Salicru has installed fourteen units of its SLC CUBE3 20 kVA, with 60 minutes’ autonomy, to give support to the substations of the underground network of the capital of this country in the Caribbean.

The projects in Morocco and Bulgaria, which are intended to protect control centres of the railway network, were developed by Eliop Seinalia, the technological subsidiary of the CAF Group, specialised in railway traffic signalling both in Spain and abroad. Several SLC CUBE3 connected units in redundant parallel system have been installed in the control room at the station in Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco and the country’s economic capital. Bulgaria has also been supplied with various SLC TWIN and SLC CUBE3 units for protecting the critical and sensitive control system components.

The SLC TWIN series with its double conversion On-line technology and input power factor of 1, includes the most advanced development capable of facing up to the most critical events of the electrical network, protecting any kind of load and assuring quality and continuity in the electrical supply, integrating perfectly in computer environments, industrial environments and telecommunications.

Conceived with criteria of maximum efficiency and energy savings, the SLC CUBE3 range includes powers from 7.5 to 200 kVA in a very compact format making its location easier. The unit is made 60% of recyclable materials and for highly critical installations or installations in need of growth, it may be configured in parallel-redundant systems without any need for additional hardware. The units’ great flexibility and adaptability make them the best protection and security choice for a wide range of installations like infrastructures, data centres, IT-networks, financial services, industrial processes and telecommunications.

Actualidad destacada 
  • SPS PDU, l’unité de distribution d’énergie

    Les unités de distribution d’énergie de la série SPS PDU de Salicru sont conçues pour distribuer l’énergie fournie par un système d’alimentation ininterrompue (onduleur/UPS), un générateur ou par le réseau, à de nombreux dispositifs, tels que les racks de réseaux et les serveurs de data centers et les salles informatiques.

  • Salicru construit un nouvel entrepôt logistique et de distribution

    Notre entreprise est en train de construire un nouvel entrepôt à côté de son centre de production de Santa María de Palautordera, à Barcelone, dans le but de pouvoir accueillir de nouvelles fonctions logistiques, de stockage, d’inventaire et de distribution de ses produits. La date de fin des travaux est prévue pour cet été même.

  • SLC X-PERT, un onduleur pour des installations de grande puissance critique

    Salicru a lancé sur le marché le SLC X-PERT, un Système d’alimentation ininterrompue triphasée (Onduleur) de technologie On-line à double conversion, contrôle DSP et conception compacte qui garantit une alimentation permanente de qualité pour toutes les installations de grande puissance critique, protégées par des hautes performances.